After living in a house filled with weightlifters during my final year at university in 2015/16, I (Seb Ostrowicz) spent some time with the legendary weightlifting coach, the late Glenn Pendlay. Glenn convinced me to start a weightlifting company aimed at making the sport more accessible to those already involved and those who weren't. Thus, in 2017, Weightlifting House was born.

Our Mission: Bringing Weightlifting Closer

Weightlifting House’s mission is a simple one:

Bring the sport of weightlifting closer to its fans, athletes, and coaches. Originally, it was just ‘fans,’ but as we put more effort into creating media for the fans, we found that coaches and athletes remained underserved. Hence, we added focuses on training equipment and coaching education.

Weightlifting House now consists of a small team, all of us entirely passionate about the sport. We’ve all been involved in weightlifting for several years—training, competing, and even coaching. Our lives are more enriched because of this incredible sport. It has forced us to face challenges, to achieve things we never believed we could, to become better.

A Journey of Recognition and Collaboration

Over the years, Weightlifting House has gone from its initial seal of approval from Glenn Pendlay to working with the best athletes in the world, the best coaches in the sport,all the while continuing to focus on the passionate fans who make the sport what it is today.

We hope that wherever you are on your weightlifting journey, Weightlifting House can offer you something to help you continue on.

Through media, training equipment, clothing, live streams, weightlifting programming, and education, we are The Home of Weightlifting.

Share your story with us — we'd love to be a part of your journey!

Seb Ostrowicz and the whole Weightlifting House Team